Welcome to Warlingham & District Horse Club

The Warlingham & District Horse Club was founded in 1950 and is affiliated to the British Horse Society.

Our aim is to provide a friendly environment for local riding enthusiasts to enjoy a variety of competitions and equine related events.

We are a non-profit making club, run by riders, for local riders to have fun. All our volunteer efforts go directly back to you, the rider.

We are situated on the lovely North Downs, south of London, outside of the TFL Low Emission Zone. 

You don't have to be a member to come to our shows and events, but if you like what you see, please join - it does pay!!

Please come along to our next event at Warren Barn Farm - all are welcome!

Please feel free to browse our site, get involved in our forum, check out our events and please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

The sad loss of NICK MURPHY

It is with much sadness that the club learned of the death of former chairman Nick Murphy this week following a tragic accident you may have seen reported in the press and social media. Our thoughts go out to his family, whom so many of you know.

As one of his former club secretaries and committee members I volunteered to write a piece about Nick, and have asked some of his old friends from his committees for their memories.

Nick was a driving force behind the club and during his time on the committee and later chairman he helped to significantly increase membership, funds and the number of events run.

He was a larger than life character, full of laughter and tales ranging from his horses escaping to the golf course, sheep on the Warlingham railway line, run away vehicles, the great yellow tractor debate, chickens, club keys not to be confused with hand bags keys, etc.

Who can forget his Elvis impersonations singing at the Club's Farmers Dinner, or his laugh or screech to emphasise a point in his story telling, his snoring at Area 10 meetings and his joke telling - I still repeat the "that's nice" joke today he told us during one committee meeting.

Whilst out hacking he took great joy in pulling up in his distinct green jeep to sound his hunting horn and for a chat around the Surrey lanes; that is if your horse stood after hearing the horn blown.

“Lyn Palmer (a former WDHC Chairman and committee member) writes:- I remember after one particularly long and fairly arduous committee meeting I asked Nick if he would be going to the Pub. He looked at me in mock horror, rolled his eyes and said ‘Does a bear s***t in the woods, let’s get out of here and last one in has to buy the drinks’!

I hope where he is now they have ordered enough kegs of beer or he won’t be happy.”

Mike Potts, Nick’s Former Vice Chairman writes ”He brought the Club forward and I was pleased to be asked by him to stand as Vice-Chairman. A special highlight was the Beginners Mock Hunt of January 2001 at Warren Barn when there were 145 in the Field with the Cap totalling £2,150! That bought a few jumps”.

I think Nick would not wish us to mourn his passing but take joy in remembering the laughs, the support, help, advice, time and fun he so readily shared but what he would probably would like most of all is for us all to raise a glass, hip flask or stirrup cup and give a toast to Nick and those shared memories.

"To Nick Murphy, Cheers"

Mary Gee

Retired WDHC Secretary


Charity Ride 22nd May

To all those who took part and donated, a huge thank you.